I am Dennis Ulmer, PhD student for NLP at ITU.

I am currently a student under Christian Hardmeier at the NLPnorth group @ IT University Copenhagen and Jes Frellsen @ Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

My current research interests include uncertainty estimation methods with application to Natural Language Processing, learning for low-resource languages, compositionality, generalization, and much more!

My background includes an undergraduate degree in Computational Linguistics from the University of Heidelberg and a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam, where I wrote my thesis under Dieuwke Hupkes and Elia Bruni. On other occasions, I also had the pleasure to work with Seong Joon Oh at Parameter Lab, Elman Mansimov at Amazon Web Services and Giovanni Cinà at Pacmed Labs. Questions or ideas for collaborations? Message me via the options on the left!

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Repostory containing model implementations for methods for uncertainty quantification in NLP.


Easy and Better Significance Testing for Deep Neural Networks.

📇⚡ token2index

A lightweight but powerful library for token indexing, fully tested and compatible with PyTorch and Tensorflow.

OOD Detection For Electronic Health Records

Collection of a multitude of methods used for OOD detection on Electronic Health Records.